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Welcome to FINN. Here, you’ll find solutions for all your fiberglass life raft container needs. Rely on our years of expertise in precision-crafted life raft containers.


You use life raft containers to store and protect your life rafts, ensuring they're ready for deployment when needed.


At FINN, we specialize in customizing various FRP life rafts. Your containers, crafted from durable materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or rigid plastic, are built to endure rough handling, impacts, and UV radiation.


Your life raft containers should be waterproof to prevent water from damaging the life raft.

Size and Capacity

The size of your container depends on the size and type of life raft it holds, designed to accommodate specific models and sizes.

Mounting Locations

You can mount life raft containers in various locations on a ship or aircraft, such as on deck, on the cabin roof, or on a specialized bracket.

Inspections and Maintenance

You can easily remove and re-stow the life raft after inspections or drills to ensure it's in good condition and ready for use.

liferaft container application

Regulations and Certifications

FINN's life raft containers are designed to meet specific regulatory standards and certifications, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness for your peace of mind.

SOLAS A Pack and SOLAS B Pack

These are types of life raft equipment packs that comply with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.


Your life rafts have pontoons which inflate automatically from hydrostatic pressure when they hit the water, or manually by pulling on a cord.


Most of your life rafts have an insulated double bottom to ward off hypothermia, a tent to protect occupants from sun and rain, seawater ballast, and are self-righting, since they tend to overturn in heavy seas.

Choosing a Life Raft

The choice of a life raft will depend on the raft's certification, which must correspond to the vessel type. Raft capacity and coastal or offshore class are also significant criteria.

Advtange of Fiberglass Liferaft Container


Fiberglass Liferaft Containers. Resistant to harsh weather, UV radiation, and impact, they offer durable, long-term protection for liferafts. Ideal for any environment.


Fiberglass Liferaft Containers. Lighter than steel or aluminum, they offer ease in handling and installation. Ideal for efficient transport on vessels.


Fiberglass Liferaft Containers. Designed to be watertight, they protect liferafts from water ingress. Essential for keeping liferafts dry and functional in emergencies

Thermal insulation

Fiberglass Liferaft Containers. With excellent thermal insulation, they shield liferafts from extreme temperatures, maintaining a stable internal environment. Crucial for survival in liferaft scenarios.

Chemical resistance

Fiberglass Liferaft Containers. Resistant to oils, fuels, and solvents, they remain unaffected by potential spills or leaks. Ideal for maintaining integrity in marine environments.


Fiberglass Liferaft Containers. With a long lifespan and minimal maintenance, they withstand the rigors of marine environments. Ideal for extended, reliable liferaft protection

At FINN, we engineer liferaft containers that fit seamlessly into any marine environment. Here’s where you can use them:

  • Commercial Ships: Our containers are a top choice for commercial ships, protecting liferafts from harsh weather and saltwater exposure.
  • Offshore Platforms: Essential for offshore installations, our containers ensure liferafts remain intact and accessible during emergencies.
  • Recreational Boats: Perfect for recreational boats, yachts, and pleasure crafts, offering a durable, weather-resistant storage solution.
  • Military and Coast Guard Vessels: Trusted by military and coast guard vessels for critical situations, our containers meet stringent military specifications.
  • Search and Rescue Operations: Our liferaft containers play a vital role in search and rescue operations, ensuring liferafts are securely stored for quick deployment.

In summary, FINN’s fiberglass liferaft containers are your go-to safety equipment for various marine applications. We distribute these containers for all types of marine services, ensuring liferafts are readily available and functional when required. Trust FINN for your liferaft container needs.

Finn fiberglass liferaft container
Finn liferaft container warehouse

FINN fiberglass liferaft containers are your long-term solution for liferaft storage and deployment. They’re built tough, with superior resistance to corrosion and stains. These containers are designed to securely house liferafts, ensuring they’re always ready for action when emergencies strike. The design is space-efficient, enhancing functionality while promoting cleanliness and versatility.

Our liferaft containers are suitable for a wide range of marine vessels, including:

  • Commercial Ships
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Recreational Boats
  • Military and Coast Guard Vessels

Whether you’re looking for containers for commercial ships or military vessels, FINN has got your back. Our containers are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the marine environment, providing a touch of reliability and safety.

At FINN, we use robust materials in our production process, combined with innovative technology and equipment, to deliver superior quality products. Our liferaft containers are great for both commercial and industrial applications.

If you have any queries or wish to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to assist you. Choose FINN for your liferaft container needs, and experience the difference in quality and service.

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