Fiberglass Storage lockers

Fiberglass Storage lockers – impact resistant, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, water resistant, easy to clean, and easy to install.
Not only can we customize the shape in a variety of colors and sizes, but we can also customize the performance to meet your expectations. Choose Finn for durable and modern fiberglass lockers in wholesale quantities.

They are ideal for school lockers, pool lockers, water park lockers, and locker room lockers in hotels, resorts and restaurants.
What’s more, our fiberglass lockers perform consistently even in extreme marine environments!

Finn fiberglass lockers are perfect for a variety of harsh environments such as marine environments, amber docks, chemical labs, industrial facilities, outdoor outcroppings, high humidity areas, and food service areas that need to be easily cleaned.

If you are looking for fiberglass lockers that will be practical and profitable for your business, turn to FINN!Send us email or call us!

swimming pool fiberglass lockers

Advtange of Fiberglass Storage Locker


Fiberglass Lockers. can resist moisture and prevent leaks, they provide dependable, dry storage. Ideal for humid, wet environments.


With our fiberglass lockers, you'll find that four people standing on the locker are still safe. It's designed to withstand harsh conditions, and its load-bearing capabilities are fantastic!

Easy to install

No need for a professional technician, it can be easily installed by a housewife. No need to install and hang it on the wall, its location can be freely chosen at will.

Save space

Our fiberglass storage cabinet can be arranged with shelves, hangers, etc. inside to provide more space for your gear, personal items, etc. It is a smart storage solution

Finn can meet all your lock design requirements, we have multiple lock solutions, whether keyless locks, keyed locks, digital electronic locks (RFID locks, digital locks), Hasp (for padlocks), or coin locks.

Finn can meet your requirements for every detail of your fiberglass locker.
They are simple and secure.

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fiberglass storage lockers production

Producing fiberglass lockers involves a few key steps:

  1. Creating the Mold: Fiberglass locker is manufactured for each board by a closed molding process to obtain its shape.

  2. Applying the Gel Coat: A protective layer or color paste, etc. is added to the mold. It helps to provide color and a shiny surface to the locker. In this closed molding process, the fiberglass is combined with the gel in a single mold.

  3. Layering Fiberglass and Resin: Sheets of fiberglass are placed onto the mold. Then, a resin (a sticky substance) is added to make it hard.

  4. Curing: The two materials are heated and molded, then allowed to cure.The locker is allowed to harden, somewhat like baking a cake. Once it hardens, it is removed from the mold.

  5. Trimming and Finishing: Any rough edges are smoothed down and final touches are added.

  6. Structural assembly: Finally we put all the pieces together

FINN fiberglass lockers offer long-term durability. They can withstand corrosion and wear and tear, providing reliable storage for personal items and equipment. Our lockers increase versatility while remaining easy to clean, making them an efficient, space-saving solution.

Whether it’s a custom color or size, Finn offers lockers with unique style and practicality. Whether you need lockers for commercial use or to enhance your brand image, we can meet your needs.

Our team of experts uses only the strongest and highest quality materials in the production of lockers. Combined with advanced technology and equipment, we guarantee to deliver superior products that are perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced sales team is ready to assist you.

Finn fiberglass storage LOCKER

Standard Fiberglass Storage Lockers

  • There are three different sizes of standard storage lockers are available at our factory, and they are made from a fiberglass compression molding process.
  • Each standard locker is 390mm in length, 505mm in depth, and 3  sizes 450mm/600mm/900mm in height.
  • Each individual locker contains a top hanger bar and a shelf inside.
  • Free customization of color and door lock design on existing sizes
  • Modular and patented knocked-down design
customized dock locker

Custom Fiberglass Stroage Lockers

  • You can customize the size, color, style, interior structure, shelf layout, logo, and locking solutions.
  • Flexible configurations are available;
  • We can completely customize fiberglass lockers depending on your business/ branding needs. From design, and manufacturing, to all processes. With that, we will choose the right techniques for your lockers.
Marine environment.

OEM Fiberglass Upright Dock Lockers

Finn can custom produce fiberglass Upright dock lockers for shipping companies. Every step of our production, from raw material production to finished product completion, all our quality is subject to a strict quality management system. We can also configure your dock locker with various hardware equipment according to your requirements.

Indoor swimming pool.

OEM swimming pool lockers

Custom fiberglass swimming pool lockers are waterproof, and compared to plastic lockers, fiberglass pool lockers are also fire resistant and have a high load bearing capacity. We have all the certificates to meet the production requirements for custom swimming pool lockers.

Industrial facilities.

OEM Industrial lockers

The industrial lockers are built of fiberglass materials. It can withstand the test of heavy industry and are typically used in factories or warehouses. Finn can customize industrial lockers in sizes, colors and non-configurations that can be seamlessly adapted to your requirements. Whether you need a locker for employee storage or a locker for industrial materials, we can meet your requirements.

Finn Fiberglass Gym Locker

OEM Gym lockers

Fiberglass Gym Lockers are strong and durable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. These lockers can handle heavy gym use and resist damage from moisture and sweat. You can customize them in a variety of sizes and colors to match your gym's aesthetic. It's a smart, durable choice for any fitness center.

ammo lockers

OEM Ammo Lockers

Fiberglass ammunition lockers are reliable, tough, and corrosion resistant. These lockers provide a safe and secure place to store ammunition. They resist harsh conditions and keep your ammunition safe. Can be customized in size and color to meet your specific needs The fiberglass material lockers are a practical, long-lasting solution for all ammunition storage requirements.

school locker

OEM School lockers

"Fiberglass School Lockers Not only are they durable and low-maintenance, it lends itself to heavy daily use. These fiberglass lockers provide a safe storage option for students' belongings. Resistant to scratches, dents and graffiti, they will maintain their new look for years. Customizable sizes and colors fit the theme of your school. A cost effective long term solution for any educational institution."

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Fiberglass Storage Locker in China

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