Fiberglass Box Fabrication Manufacturer

For the past 18 years, Finn have been producing fiberglass boxes,

from prototype design to production and transportation.

We have extensive experience and can meet all your customized needs.

Finn offers a full range of fabrication services for fiberglass boxes. Our expertise includes design, molding, forming, trimming and assembly. We have a wide range of accessories, including metal hinges, to ensure manufacturing flexibility.

Fiberglass boxes are used in a variety of industries, such as electronics, automotive, and shipping. At Finn, we specialize in creating custom fiberglass boxes based on your specific requirements. No matter the nature of your application, we have the ideal fiberglass material to create your box.


Fiberglass Storage Locker By Features

Transparent cover Fberglass Box

Non-transparent cover Fberglass Box

Middle door & mounting plate available

Middle door & mounting plate available

Advantage of Fiberglass Box Fabrication


Fiberglass boxes, unlike iron boxes, do not conduct electricity, so it is widely used in the electronics industry


Fiberglass boxes are composed of SMC, which is about 1/3 the weight of an iron box, so fiberglass boxes are also relatively less expensive to transport.

Stable performance.

Fiberglass is a very excellent material, you can put Finn Fiberglass box in water for 20 years and it still keep stable performance without deformation and corrosion.


Compared to cast iron cast aluminum boxes, fiberglass is more cost effective and has better performance, choose fiberglass material as your box solution and your business will be more successful.

The fiberglass box offered by FINN is widely used in different applications like push button boxes, mini terminals, terminal changers, signal equipment, control boxes, connection transfer boxes, cable boxes, distribution boxes, instrument boxes, and shield boxes.

These boxes are commonly used in coastal areas, factories, docks, water treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, and places requiring waterproof and moisture-proof solutions.

The application of fiberglass boxes in the electronic and electrical industry.
Finn fiberglass raw material

The production line of fiberglass boxes starts with flat sheets of fiberglass material. These sheets are precisely compression molded into designed sections.

The individual flat sheet sections are then ground and cut at our facility using specialized machinery.

Next, we assemble them together using connectors to create strong and durable fiberglass boxes.

fiberglass box

FINN is dedicated to being a leading manufacturer of fiberglass boxes.Our mission is to deliver high-quality products and exceptional services to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

From the initial design phase to final production, we manage the entire process efficiently and in a timely manner.
We pride ourselves on offering customizable solutions, tailored to your specific requirements and applications.

Rely on FINN whenever you need fiberglass boxes for your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

fiberglass dock box

custom fiberglass dock box

Finn's prides itself on fabricating Custom Fiberglass Dock Boxes designed especially for marine environments. These storage marvels pack in impressive features - they're not just waterproof, but also resist corrosion, uphold rigorous NEMA/UL testing standards, and can be installed virtually anywhere - wall, pier, or pole. And for those who prefer stand-alone models, we have you covered.

fiberglass box

custom fiberglass electrical box

Finn Fiberglass electrical boxes are molded into different shapes and sizes according to specific application needs. They come in various types such as single gang, double gang, junction box, and device box among others. Fiberglass enclosures also come with closure options such as screw clamp closures or secure closure of the opening per control requirements.

Fiberglass battery box.

custom fiberglass battery box

Finn's Custom Fiberglass Battery Box is super tough, resistant to corrosion, can be made just how you like it. We take a lot of care when making them, so they keep your battery safe like no other box can. They're made exactly to your needs. Technique:Sheet Moulding Compression process.You can customize different surface :smooth, composite mat.

Finn Fiberglass Box Technical Specifications

 Comparing the properties of commonly used materials with composites reveals the unique advantages of our fiberglass boxes. In the table below, you’ll discover the key benefits that make our fiberglass boxes stand out in the market

Flexural strength(MPa)1000-14001400-2500400-120018044150
Flexural modulus (GPa)45-56120-300196702410
Tensile strength(MPa)1000-14001400400-120018070100
Tensile modulus(GPa)45140196702.49
Thermal conductivity (W/m.K)11.4472090.240.47
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion(1/K)10-5-0.2,10-610-52.3,10-53.7,10-50.2,10-5
Specific heat capacity (J/kg.K)188095046192111001700
fiberglass dock box white color


Finn is dedicated to aligning closely with your business needs to deliver services of the highest quality. This commitment to partnership sets us apart as a dependable provider for our clients.

We take pride in offering:

  • Customization options for color, design, sizes, and accessory materials.
  • A warm welcome to both OEM and ODM.
  • Reliable after-sales service.
  • Superior quality at favorable prices.
  • Products crafted with utmost care for quality.
  • Customization based on your specific requirements.
  • Robust production capacity.
  • Skilled workforce ensuring premium quality.
  • Prompt and professional responses to all your queries.

If you have any questions about our custom fiberglass boxes, we are here to assist. We offer 24-hour online support to cater to your needs.

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