Farm Planting

  • Fiberglass trays play a key role in the success of vertical agriculture.
  • With FINN’s tray, farmers can make effective use of space, make crops have stable growth conditions, and are easier to harvest, so the tray has become an indispensable tool in the vertical agricultural toolkit.
  • The success of vertical farming and insect breeding stems from a carefully balanced combination of factors, such as soil PH, nutrients, light, temperature, and humidity.
  • FINN FRP trays offer solutions regardless of harsh environmental conditions.
FINN tray for farming

Vertical Farming

In vertical farming, success emerges from the precise balance of pH, nutrients, light, temperature, and humidity, with fiberglass trays optimizing space and resisting moisture and corrosion.

frp tray for Meat Processing

Insect Rearing

Insect farms globally prefer our fiberglass trays for protein-rich crickets and mealworms, valuing their ease of cleaning and longevity.

Storage Containers

Fiberglass trays, ideal for grains and seeds, safeguard agricultural products with their non-reactive design, ensuring purity.

Seed Trays

Fiberglass trays, perfect for seeding and germination, protect young plant roots with their smooth design, outlasting plastic and nesting for storage.

frp tray for Buffet

Fertilizer and Pesticide Application

Fiberglass trays, chemically resistant, are ideal for blending and dispensing fertilizers in farming, standing firm without bending or sagging.

frp tray for Dairy Product Handling

Harvest Collection

For harvests, fiberglass trays, light and smooth, ensure safe transport of produce, resisting bending and sagging, while optimizing storage with their stackable design.

The choice of materials is significant

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Leading the Industry with Innovative Glass-Reinforced Products and Versatile Trays

As a frontrunner in the field, FINN takes pride in its production of cutting-edge glass-reinforced products, including a diverse range of trays. These high-strength, composite solutions cater to a multitude of industries, spanning from heavy-duty manufacturing such as metalworking and plastics to the intricate assembly of electronics. Moreover, FINN’s dedication extends to sectors as varied as food service, confectionery, and pharmaceutical processing.

One of our core strengths lies in tailoring solutions to the specific needs of our clients. With a focus on addressing unique material-handling challenges and applications, FINN constantly evolves to meet industry demands. We invite you to connect with us, allowing us to engage in productive conversations about your individual handling requirements and design aspirations.

Discover the future of materials handling with FINN’s glass-reinforced products and multifunctional trays. Reach out to us today to explore how our expertise can elevate your operations to new heights.

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