FINN tray for farming

Vertical Farming

  1. Versatile Design: Offers diverse designs, depths, and sizes tailored for all your growing needs.
  2. Strength and Stability: Boasts high weight capacity with unmatched rigidity.
  3. Resilient Composite: Smooth surface that’s resistant to odors, chemicals, and mildew.
  4. Durable Material: The composite ensures no corrosion, bending, or contamination.
  5. Long-lasting Performance: Designed for longevity without moisture absorption or deformation.
  6. Hygienic and Clean: Can be easily sterilized and cleaned with hot water or steam.
  7. Customization: Tailored options to suit your specific requirements.
  8. Optimal Temperature Resilience: Performs consistently from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C).


Looking to elevate your indoor farming level? FINN Vertical Farming products are your go-to for unmatched durability and performance. Whether you’re growing edible delights, medicinal plants, or landscaping greens, FINN Tray has got you covered. Say goodbye to those flimsy plastic trays! Our trays, made from a sturdy glass-reinforced composite, won’t let you down by bending or sagging, even with heavy loads.

Want to make the most of your space? Stack them high! And if you have specific needs, just let us know. We can customize your trays with features like irrigation holes, handles, and even transport-friendly cut-outs or lids.

Remember, the secret to thriving in vertical farming lies in mastering the environment. From pH balance and nutrients to the perfect light and temperature settings, it’s all about precision. And with FINN Tray’s advanced range of products, you’re set to harvest success all year round. Dive into a world of efficient and effective farming with us!

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Strength? Our trays have it in spades. They boast a strength-to-weight ratio that leaves metal in the dust. Consistent in dimensions and structurally superior to wood and thermoplastics, they’re the reliable choice for any industry.”

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