Compression Molding / SMC

Compression Molding and Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) – An Overview

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SMC Material

A composite material made from glass-fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester resin. A mainstay in various industries since the 1960s due to its excellent electrical properties.

SMC Production

The production of SMC follows a continuous belt process, involving chopped multi-end roving strands, resin paste, and a compaction system.

Compression Molding

A key technique in high-volume composite part production, often used with Sheet Molding Composite (SMC) and Bulk Molding Composite (BMC). Known for crafting robust, intricate components of diverse sizes.

Thermoset Material

SMC is a thermoset material, with irreversible cross-linking materials, forming the basis for its unique technical performance.

Benefits of SMC

SMC offers several benefits over traditional metals, including thermal resistance, fire retardancy, precision, weight reduction, and excellent electrical performance.

Applications of SMC

SMC finds applications in various sectors, including electrical & electronics, automotive, appliances, building & construction, energy, wastewater, transportation, medical devices, military & aerospace, and lighting.

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